The Business Analyst‘s Handbook

This book teach to ask questions , which is helpful , because this would allow you to grasp the complexity of the given project.

You will find a catalogue of questions which you can use in you daily work for getting better understanding of the given project and

you will find in this book a lot of UML diagrams.
This book explains the mindset about how to analyze the given project.

Even my favorite topic of creating business cases is explained in this book pretty deep.

Another my favorite topic managing risk’s as company, this book covers this topic too and what is good about?
You will find some good advises how to go about risks and how to mitigate them.

In general it’s a reference book, it’s not “how to” or “guide” book, but it rather provides a useful tools for analysis of the given project.

Many other topics in this book not so interesting and in my opinion less of a face value. Testing, evaluation matrix and etc.

Summary: This book is good reference book, which can be used for day-to-day work.
Can I recommend this book? This would be “hard sell”, junior consultants or project managers should read this book, but other groups of skilled workers gain nothing new from this book.
This book is not must have book, it’s just a average reference book maybe it would be helpful to you or not it depends on your current level of your client project complexity.