Modernizing Enterprise Java

Well this is an interesting book , I am reading it just to get another impression when companies facing challenges in digital transformation.

Author presents interesting diagram:

This actually very good depiction on how software is delivered , when you have proper and working CI/CD pipeline.

Author describe the creation of example Quarkus project.

This actually good representation about how exactly Kubernetes managed own containers 😉

In general Kubernetes is very big distribution system, in my opinion the description in this book are quite good, good mixture of different descriptions.

At some point you will find this link in the book , this is very good.

Blue and Green are modules , which author described detailed, but main message do not expect easy transition, when you migrate from old to new.

Summary: This book tries to give good advises and the rational actually a good one , but it fails to stay away from details , sure its good to know to see the examples of new modern tech, but I personally missed a table with comparison, how much maintenance you need if you running Kubernetes, Quarkus or even Microprofile.

Who should read this book? I think this good book for techleads and devs, both those group would benefit from it.