Reviews of tech books

List of my reviews for following tech books
(Top old review , bottom new ones) :

  1. Everyday Unit Testing by GIL Zilberfeld
  2. Unity AI Programming Essentials
  3. Unity artificial intelligence programming fourth edition
  4. Effective Java by Joshua Bloch
  5. Growing Object-Oriented Software, Guided by Tests (Steve Freeman, Nat Pryce)
  6. Solving Identity Management In Modern Applications Demystifying OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect and SAML
  7. Securing the Perimeter Deploying Identity and Access Management with Free Open Source Software
  8. OAuth 2 in Action and OAuth 2.0 Identity and Access Management Patterns by Martin Spasovski
  9. Mastering OAuth 2
  10. Code complete by Steve McConnell
  11. Refactoring Improving the design of existing code
  12. The art of unit testing with examples in C#
  13. Agile Software Development Principles, Patterns, and Practices by Robert Cecil Martin
  14. Hands on Unity 2021 game development
  15. Learning C# by Developing Games with Unity 2021
  16. xUnit test patterns
  17. Complete guide to test automatization
  18. Exploratory software testing
  19. Extreme programming adventures in C#
  20. Introduction to Design Patterns in C#
  21. Design Patterns for High-Quality Automated Tests
  22. Software reading techniques
  23. Head first C#
  24. Implementing automated software testing
  25. Refactoring databases
  26. Software engineering a methodical approach
  27. The algorithm design manual
  28. Bridging the Communication GAP