Succeeding with Agile

Succeeding with Agile

Cool book!
This book starts with discussion how waterfall impacted the developers in the past and present and how Scrum can make projects better and manageable.

Very practical book, describing that applying the scrum not always easy or obvious.
Cool description how to manage expectations I really like it.
There interesting chapter about change resistance in companies , which implement Scrum.

The book author discuss different type of management, which can or can’t be compatible to Scrum.
More important topics raised too, like what to do with obvious stuff : the saboteurs, people which are not in favor of scrum due to some rather subjective reasons.

Interesting point about software architects, which make sense, they too are important in Scrum.
Not all architects are like ready to code or write own code, sometimes are in such age , which probably doesn’t make them happy to write any code.
In chapter 9 there actual tech talk, wow unexpected!
Pair programming and continuous delivery, which make sense, this chapter is definitely great one of the best.

Team building and team management are important topics and the author give helpful advises on this book.

Oh, wow the discussing topics like team efficiency, collaboration with other involved parties.

Furthermore, the author discuss overwork issue and how to manage it in scrum environment.
Author raise question: how teams in Scrum do communicate?
Telephone, Skype, person to person, each type of communication brings different type of problems.

During reading this book you will find many different useful references to another important books.

The author gives advice, that at some point it make sense to have a snack box for developers, which actually shouldn’t be run by a company, but actually by Scrum team, well this is indeed interesting.


Summary: this excellent book, really you will understand how Scrum works in practice, I am so happy after reading this book. 😉
Whom I can recommend it?
Managers, Scrum masters and  techlead’s, you will get the most value out of this book and you will understand what to expect from Scrum workflow , this book is a must to have one.