Extreme Programming Adventures in C#

Now it begins, with this tech book I starting my journey back to programming, time to refresh my programming skills.

Already I like the attitude of this book, which tell you that is not a reference book.

Author introduce very good concept of mindset, which a senior programmer should have, it make me really happy that people with such mindset put all thinking process in such book.
I get the book theme it is like journal of day-to-day work of software engineer.

So what is special about this book?
Well you will see step by step building process.

Author describe that in the beginning of each new or legacy project you can’t know everything needed for the project completion and its ok to learn on the job. Mr. Jeffries, started with very basic knowledge level of C# and from there he described the “obstacles” which he and his partner experienced.
The reader would see code examples, but of course full code is available in the internet.
Overall the presented Code is readable.

Another thing is how to program UI, well which can be complicated.

After reading half of the book I found it really, really interesting you will see how presented application  grows in complexity and how those unit test help to keep “check and balances” of the code base.
Good notion about spent time on learning and find balance in work and learning, which are both important.

Author through whole book use extreme programming and program in pairs, which is interesting for the first time I see real benefits of pair programming, which are presented in this book.

Some clever composition of programming UI is presented.

I can best describe author  pattern of programming think try, fail , try different approach and ask community.

Summary: this book is good to read when you need to learn a mindset of a senior software developer, if you looking for special tech solutions , well you will not find in this book.

Who i can recommend this book?
Definitely only to mid level developers , which looking for another way of the typical programming workflow, otherwise dont buy this book, it pros about mindset , cons: sometime ti feels too agile or to chaotic.