Clean Agile back to Basics

Clean Agile back to basics

Finally, i reading the classics.
This book have clear outline and I like it.

Uncle Bob gives really good historic reference about the software development and how it relates to nowadays.
I like his the definition of good enough, which represents real value of the software projects.
Uncle Bob shows different phases of software projects, I totally agree with the descriptions about how some phases in Agile are different from waterfall.

You will find in this book real good advises how to go about the challenges in software development and how to negotiate with product owners about your project requirements.

I totally agree with Uncle Bob, that big redesigns are bad and most times very inefficient and costly in time and ressources.

Another interesting topic is managing stories in Agile.
Passing acceptance tests is a definition of done and I 100 % agree with such definitions.

You will find in this book interesting observation for software quality, where role of software testers well explained.

This book even covers topics like sleep, which is really cool having enough sleep means people can concentrate better on work.

Uncle Bob gives enough historic references and speaks about collective ownership of developers, testers and others.
Of course you get introduction into TDD and continuous refactoring, in my opinion its really only one approach for solving most typical software engineering problems.

The author of this book gives very honest opinion about scrum certification and how they not meeting his expectations of really good scrum owners and coaches.
Then perfect criticism on tools for agile management  life cycle, I think Uncle Bob brings  good points and I agree , that some tools need to be validated before using them in production.

Summary: Good book for managers, developers probably for techleads, actual developers will not gain any new knowledge , sure its fun read clear thought and put in really straight language without big abstracts and pinpointed.

One topic is missing which is how to apply agile in legacy projects, still this a must to read book!
Can i recommend this book? Sure it is good refresher for all people who need full picture about agile. Read this book after you gone trough all the typical agile rounds and not sure that agile can really help your, in such case this is a book which you must read.