Refactoring databases

I love working with relational databases, but actually doing refactoring of database kind of very painful and cost a lot of effort to make it fully operational in production.

So easy the “pain” I decided to go through this book and write my review about this interesting book.

There some theory introduced during the first chapter.

Finally, it begins with discussion about how to refactor schema in databases.

Continue reading this book , impressions are authors discussing the mindset , they don’t use any SQL examples , but they describe the challenges which exist, when you plan the refactoring of the database.

This book can be used for day to day use as DBA , I think some examples provided in the book are some sore representative of what actually happening in the day to day work with DBs.

At the end of this you will find many definitions and descriptions of what they mean.

Summary: I expect from this book more information about how to make optimized SQL and how to measure the performance after SQL code was optimized, there a lot of information which I left of, this book is not an ultimate how to guide book, rather it give you pointers which may or may not work in your case.
Can I recommend this book? I am puzzled sure it is good source of information, but it does not give you the right set of the tools to get the job done, you will use additional stuff from internet to get your system going, so this book not must have book.