Software Engineering A Methodical Approach

Software Engineering a methodical approach

Finally a book about more advance software engineering.

First topics RUP, different workflow. Author introduce different types of management in different software projects.
Mr. Foster discuss different type of workflow, Scrum, Waterfall.
Author mentions lots of different  topics like Feasibility, prototypes , costs of software development.
There whole chapter about requirements specification and during chapter 7 I observe feeling is book tend to be way to academic.

There databases, but as said early it have less practical nature and more and more academic stuff. ALL UML diagrams are readable.

This book covers even user interface design, but It have very theoretical description.

Author even goes about describing the interview process, when somebody as new company start to interview candidates for the tech work.

Oh, wow managing budget of a software project included is in this book.
Interesting you can find in this book different estimation methods.

Summary: Clearly the intention of this book was to give a architect view on very many important topics of software engineering, but as result it looks like to academic, it feels dated in some areas and sometimes i was in disagreement on some topics.
I cant recommend this book , its most times a reference material, there is no hands on approach in this book.