Bridging the Communication GAP

Finally, i reading this book, this is especially interesting because it has a direct reference what I do each day as IT consultant.

I agree with author its hard enough to make a requirements specification precise enough, so that final customer of the product gets what he or she ordered.
In big project there different groups involved and communication is everything, success is well established communication between those interest groups.

I agree with author that the awareness of some middle management and or company owners about automated testing usually very low or even discourage to do any such practice, but in my opinion this process is very crucial and important for project success.

Mr. Adzic speak in his book about precise specification in project requirements which hard to collect, because of possible complexity in modern business world.

Once again, I agree, it is good to ask question why we need this?
Ask business: ok you say you need this feature, but what is reason behind new feature request or change?

There good advises about how to write test, finally some practical knowledge, which you can use.

Technical part is great, Selenium description well not my favorite choice, a tool is a tools.

At the end of this book Author speaks about roles in IT companies and what could and should be improved. I agree that testers should influence developers to write better code , tester should help developer to understand better requirements , way to many times I too observed situation , that testers know much more about the business domain then developers. 

Those 2 groups should work together not against each other.

Then there is description of FitNesse a wiki front end to FIT its good tool for our times can be considered as legacy, but well if it can help why not to use it?

Conclusion: very good a must read! If you software developer, manager , tester read it!
This most certainly a book which rely to many problems in IT world , developing highly quality software is not easy and its not a science its more like a craft which you develop.