The Algorithm Design manual

Oh yes! Oh no! Book author sell preparing courses for tech interview!

I strongly oppose preparing course for the tech interview, there even a movement for no whiteboard interview.

This book concentrated on discussing some mathematical challenges in reference to programming.

Graph theory discussed too, author presents different sorting algos and there in deep discussion of trees , special cases binary trees.

Math is there too, but its all about efficiency and the topic of data structure discussed in deep.
This book includes lots and lots of math specific problems and feels like it tends towards more academic experience.

For me which studied at University computer science, those topics nothing new I expect actual design consideration and ideas especially, when dealing with new problems it would be very useful not to invent a new wheel, but i didn’t found such tips in this book!

With full respect author, but this book does not teach how to write better algorithms, it gives you set of math problems, which can be solved by computation and programming and there big explanation about efficiency presented, but in my opinion this only one part of day to day programming.

Summary: this book good intro to computer science topics, but this book obviously misses the topics like how do you solve bigger problems, there things like legacy software, complex networking, complex configuration setups, even software design is big topic, but this book does not provide clear answers were you have set conditions which you must check in order to have a very efficient algorithm.
I dont recommend to buy this book, programming students or even people who selflearn , you dont gain much experience , about this book, computer science student maybe it would be helpful in your studies, but in any case this book , does not teach how to approach new problems and how to structure them , so that you code not become a mess , which later be thrown anyway.