Unity AI Programming Essentials

Book cover

Hi folks today i review the book Unity AI Programming Essentials by Curtis Bennett!

First of all the title is definitely is misleading, in this book you wont find the theory behind AI , Author itself claims that it was written for practitioners of Unity3D, but i highly doubt that even for the Unity3D professional programmer this book would be relevant.

In my opinion this book is very outdated and reference Unity3D plugins, which actually not available on Unity3D store, and you will waster your time to figure out how to eve use those plugins.

Most part of the book can be described as tutorial where author trying to convince that you dont need to code in order to have pretty simple ai behavior and his main concentration goes about path finding procedures.

Summary: dont buy this book, you will lost time and money i wonder why pack publishing did bother to print such version of the book.
There nothing valuable in this book and the presented information is 100 % outdated.