The Economics of Software Quality

Finally, I got opportunity to read this book!

There good data in this book which shows what quality means in numbers.
Authors of this book bring interesting points of testing in regards of failure detection and prevention in production.
This book presents many data regarding testing in comparison of not testing.

I am so happy that book authors mentioning organizations where the gathering of data about testing and not testing was done and it proof my point that quality and testing matters and it makes really an impact.

Another interesting topic is complexity of software, which authors discuss in full and they mention flavors and the reason why the complexity happens.

There a lot of discussion about prevention of failure, which I totally agree with.
If only companies did care more about prevention of failure, then less damage would happen and more users would be happy. Understanding company organizational architecture is important and authors present with good mindset how to identify the best approach, if a company must restructure theirs main workflow, so they can apply best practices for doing software testing and improve quality of theirs software products.
One topic about proof reading of documentation wasn’t interesting, still putting value in documentation make

sense and is important for commercial software.

The fun part of this book is in description of different type of software test’s.
The main scheme of this book is experience from large enterprise organization.
Oh, wow even computer viruses must be tested too, this is deep and really funny.

Finally, the topic of estimating with functional points was brought and I must say it just typical time slot for already per-estimated work.

This book discuss legal problems if the companies, which did created the software neglects quality eventually they will fail and get legal problems.
This is really good book!

Summary: This book presents crucial data, about software testing as a workflow and put the reader mindset into enterprise ready tester.
This is not tech book, but it gives you really good understanding, about typical mindset of software tester in large enterprise environments.

Whom I can recommend this book?

In first line project managers, scrum owners, then to project team leads and finally developers so they can grasp why your company have a dedicated testing department. Really what amazed me this book presents a lof of data , which show you how much quality in software is valuable.

This book is good and must to read!