The Consulting Bible Everything You Need to Know to Create and Expand a Seven-Figure Consulting

Book cover

Hi folks, well today I review this book from author Alan Weiss.

I always love to learn new information about consulting and managing of contract based work, because self-improving is very important to me and there always exist something new and open new horizon and view about consultancy work.

So how this book approachable?

Well Alan Weiss as senior consultant  give you very deep explanations about what is expected from professional consultant and how consultant should behave during the work with client.

What is real benefit of this book?

It give you a pattern for the decisions, which allow you to prepare yourself for work with client, after reading this book you will understand having hard skills for a good consultant is not enough, we consultants should able understand, listen and advise our clients , don’t assume that you know better client business then the client itself.
Client must be able to trust you and you should always be able to predict the next client decisions and remove any dangers which can harm your client, both theoretical and actual ones.
Additionally, this book explain that at some point professional consultant must teach people and give some special knowledge, write article and blog about his or her work 😉

What this book missing?

For me I missed the  part about how to go about the taxes, I expected to hear stories how the relationship with tax advisers can be established and how to analyze tax returns which software to use for different type of tax filings and estimate how overall your business doing.
In each country of the world taxes very different and of course you need tax advisor or software which allow you to pay taxes without any additional headache.
Secondly,  I expected to hear the best approach how to save money as consultant and how to write safety terms in contract with client, so that if a project suddenly canceled , you will be paid.

Whom I recommend this book?

This book good adviser and reference material, but it lucks some crucial details or even direction in which one as it consultant can or can’t go.

Summary: this book can help you only when you planning to start your consultancy business, for people who already in consultancy business, well this book show how other consultants work, but I don’t think that you will gain any valuable insights.

So my recommendation: buy this book if you need introduction into consultancy work and in any other case don’t!