Team topologies

Finally, i get my hands on this book!

This book begin with discussing that devops workflow which is not for all companies. It brings changes and challenges in the company’s workflow.

Then, there is long description about thinking process in devops and non devops work environment.
I totally I agree with author’s of this book, that trust is essential part for a successful team.

The topic of how to manage teams is very interesting, but I am of opinion that in one office room should be max 3 workers, open office is bad, bad, bad idea.

Organization of company include not only working areas , but coworking areas too, in my opinion in 2022 we don’t need offices anymore , so only coworking make sense and in some exceptional cases meeting rooms and that’s it.

Understanding structuring of office spaces is important, this is definitely a good consideration point of the author’s about this topic.

Then there is discussion from switching to full digital business and how it is different from other types of business.

Another topic of how to deal with typical monolith problems, it is not easy and requires a lot of restructuring in company internal communication and splitting of responsibilities for each working group parts.

I like the part and description about how teams should interact it is enlightened, of course in some companies it will be hard to achieve, but I think it is possible if the decision makers see the benefits of such workflow mode.

In this book you will find many case studies of successful implementation of devops.

Summary: This book contains generalizations and many study cases from the field, but it lucks of solution descriptions, sure each company and or working group is different, still there exist a certain pattern and design of how to group people , so that they became very productive and efficient.

Whom I can recommend this book? Managers, Tech leads it actually will help you to realize the challenges of managing and dealing with issues, but solutions you will not find in this book. So I rate this book as average, best usage as reference material.