Specification by Example

First Impression: the author of this book speak about that this book based on actual cases from real life and I like it!

This is bold statement, but it reassure the path about knowing the process of agile development.

The books begins with description of how teams communicate with each other and how important the workflow of the team.

There whole chapter about documentation and how “dynamic” it should be.

Later in the book there whole chapter about testing.

Then there is discussion of good enough software quality, which both technologically great and do what other involved important participants expect.

At some point the book describes the work in agile team and how exactly communication should go if success must be reached.
Interesting at some point the Author get very technical and the Adzic validates the statement that code and unit test should be clean.
I totally agree ui test  sux and over complicate the dev process.

There great points about what to do or not to do in legacy projects.

Even more recommendations about how to structure critical parts of the software, which you as developer involved into.

Wonderful an actual case of using agile was presented in this book: uSwitch. This company undergone many transformation, but finally they combined devs and tester together and reached success in theirs projects!

Iowa Student Loan development team good example

Finally, major point of the author is to value collaboration between different groups of workers in a corporate environment.

Gojko Adzic, discuss that many times tools and business process does not align, business people in general tend to dismiss the result from unit tests, because they are more interested in production code, in rare cases it make sense to them to look at unit tests, but only if they really involved in the process of software development. Criticism of QTP is accurate and I like it a lot, because its true dont use QTP UI testing, it will eventually slow you down make your life miserable i know it!

Summary: this is really good about software development and the specifications for the developers which write code and test it. I can recommend this book to tech leads, product managers, scrum masters, company owners and developers who want to understand more about specifications.

This is definitely a must have book for any IT consultant ! It show real examples how to implement TDD and BDD and how to create specifications and how to collaborate so that it in result brings value to all involved parties during software development and even later during maintenance.