Software reading techniques

Interesting book, the book author intention is to teach group of students and educate other professionals, which work in the IT industry.

Yang-Ming Zhu speaks about programming code review, which is a process for improving the overall quality of the source code, but author of opinion that goal of tech review to find hard bugs which are critical for the users of the created IT systems and to fix them.

Author mentions to use a checklist during programming code review, which is good it provide more structure during code review.

The book consist actual examples of questions during code review itself, which make sense to ask them during the code review process.

Then there whole discussion about quality of code under review and how to find defects.

Then you will find some math about code review process in general and what to think about in terms of outcome, how good manual code review for the overall result of the software development.
Talking about correcting errors in requirements specification was interesting, not new to me , but really important to find such mistakes before doing actual implementation.

You will find the whole chapter about reading diagrams UML and some custom type of diagrams.

In the end of this book you will find chapter about software architecture and working with external frameworks.
Reading Frameworks code is skill too.
Reading object oriented code even more high level skill of developer or IT consultant.

Summary: whom i can recommend this book? Senior software developers and tech-leads, they i think would benefit a lot from this book, other groups i think not.
Did i personally feel to learn something new ? Sure a learned from this book to structure workflow which previously were chaotic and once again i learned that trust in software development hard to achieve, you continuously deliver good quality code, but you should have ability to ask question are we going in the right direction or can we split one big specification in many more manageable?
Conclusion: its a must read book, if you wish to be more productive during code review and stop playing blame game and take courage and own the code!