SLACK getting Past Burnout, Busywork and the Myth of total Efficiency

This book was on my radar pretty long and I always thought about when I coached junior developers.
The author of this book discuss management responsibilities and how to work efficiently with other coworkers.

Mr. DeMarco describes how efficiency of the work output can be measured, he even describe the problem , when given experienced worker leaves the company and new hire arrives and that as result it takes time to teach new hire  and there is no guarantee that the new hire will be productive as previous one.

I totally agree that this equation 

Is not realistic and neither apply to real world.

Another point to avoid toxic working environment, meaning that somebody who work ins office environment should feel good and it means collaborative and helpful environment where fault is shared and no finger point happens.

Speaks of term trust.

Topic of the middle management was discussed too 

Risk management oh yes very important topic!

There discussion about different learning processes, some of them are painful and some of them are not painful.

Summary: Overall not bad book, I agree with author about different workflow cases , there certainly make sense to work in different intense schedules.
Whom I can recommend this book?
Managers, team leads and scrum owners, developers will be bored by the topics about doing stuff right and finally I can recommend this book to anyone who is working in large corps it will give you sense of external view on what you doing and it give you reasons to suggest to your manager better work solutions approach.