This book was written by David William Plummer , a former Microsoft programmer, who was responsible for creation of the task manager in Windows operating system!

Author speaks about Autism how many people are really affect by it and what the properties of such people.

Interesting Mr. Plummer describes his childhood and how he discovered that he autistic person.
Mr. Plummer writes his story at Microsoft  and how he almost got fired for competing with own company and selling then his product to Microsoft.
Author of this book discuss in his book behavior of people and how an autistic person react in general to the environment of people where such person lives.
It feels very personal, somehow look like a diary of pass events.

I am expected more inside stories about live in Microsoft, Mr Plummer seems kind of concentrated in this book about how he communication with people being an autistic person.

Summary: This book started with interesting topics , but then author started to tell how he lived and what kind of obstacles existed for him as autistic person, which in my opinion only interested to people who are really autistic and want to know more how to deal with typical common issues in our modern society.

Can I recommend this book?
In my opinion this book does not provide insights about working at Microsoft or how Microsoft design theirs software products , I did expected this a lot!
As sorry it  sounds, I cant recommend this book, because it tend to concentration on autism and how it personally affect Mr. Plummer , sure its good to know that people with such properties do exist and i have nothing against them, but if only book author put more effort in describing life at Microsoft that most certainly would impress me.