Scaling Software Agility

Booke title

This book describes almost all „famous“ agile processes and give general and detail overview.

The authors of this book definitely put lot of work to summarize how agile work in big enterprises.
I like the description of feature driven development it was very interesting and new to me, but I think it’s hardly applicable to modern style of development in current active software projects.
This book presents interesting view on Scrum as process for developing of software, in large projects there must be enough facilitator’s who can manage the communication between different teams responsibilities or it would not work.
After reading this book you will know how to organize agile release plans.
Good introduction about effects of continuous integration.
You will find some interesting classification of software architecture.
The author speaks about management of distributed team in corporate environment  and provides actual examples how to do it right.
This book goes very deep into describing how agile team should behave itself and give details what to expect as result of agile execution in your organization.

Whom I can recommend this book? For Scrum masters, managers , team leads, but 0 information for developers , you as developer probably get quickly bored , if you see some tech advise well you need to find another book.
Final conclusion: for people who are managing teams it’s a must read , there 0 reasons  to postpone the reading  of this book.