Review How to make it BIG as A CONSULTANT

Interesting book, after reading it i think i even better can understand and help my clients.
This book describe in deep different aspects what consultant really is.
Not only this book describe how to prepare for consultant work it brings a lot of thinking about what really good consultant value is: know how to manage projects.
The book author William A. Cohen bring with this book very interesting view on what kind of consultants work must be done in order to be a successful consultant.
Many consultants should read this book , it’s really helpful alone the way how to communicate with potential customer and how to prepare the deal and how negotiate the contract with client is great and a lot of fun.
I like a lot the part in the book, where author described how to approach new client and what to expect from client and how to stay in good mood even if a potential client refuse the offer . One thing should be said thought, this book in the first line oriented for USA market, but i dont see problem that some techniques can be applied here in Germany.
This book does not concentrate on one special industry or profession, but it gives very good general understanding how to grow own business.
Do i recommend this book for just started consultants and seniors ones?
Yes both young and old groups age consultants would profit from reading this book