With applications SECOND EDITION

 Grady Booch Rational

This book is very know to many people who program professionally more then 5 years and its now my time to review this book!

This will be very , very , interesting.

Good introduction into topic of abstraction.

The Inheritance topic is huge , but interesting that my ideas  about using it in practices actually can be found in this book.

Then there a big topic of object orientation.

Sure, some heavy theory about OOP is presented, but this ok!

“One useful guideline in choosing the relationships among objects is called the Law of Demeter, which states that “the methods of a class should not depend in any way on the structure of any class, except the immediate (top-level) structure of their own class. Further, each method should send messages to objects belonging to a very limited set of classes only”
That’s interesting, for me its natural, but for many more devs is still an issue, refactoring is a thing.

At some point there a lot of theory, honestly, I feel it was kind of filler.

This must be set in to golden picture holding bar “Unfortunately, as Parnas and Clements observe, “we will never find a process that allows us to design software in a perfectly rational way,” because of the need for creativity and innovation during the development process. However, as they go on to say, “the good news is that we can fake it….  [Becausel designers need guidance, we will come closer to a rational process if we try to follow the process rather than proceed on an ad hoc basis. When an organization undertakes many software projects, there are advantages to having a standard procedure. … If we agree on an ideal process, it becomes much easier to measure the progress that the project is making” [9].”

Other chapters have more philosophical nature.

Summary: This book is hard to be categorize as hands on or even developer guide, I think better description is like thinking mindset of very senior developer, if you need too look with different thinking process on your work, well this book provides a lot of insights.

Whom I can recommend this book?

Senior developers, Tech leads, definitely but not junior devs, you as junior develop would be basically lost in this book.

Finally this was good experience.