Mastering Oauth 2.0

Book review: mastering Oauth 2.0

This is second book which truly say make sense about OAuth 2.0 implementation!

It contains both theory and the code part, I think it’s truly hard to maintain a balance between such different topics.

Still its not a ultimate solution how to implement OAuth 2 in practice, you need to analyze your particular project complexity and try to deliver the most clean solution for security as possible. In this book many times you will find comparison tables ,do and dont’s and helpful advises what to consider when you decide to implement Oauth2.

Finally, whom I can recommend this book, developers yes, they would definitely profit from this book.
Software architects? They should be better read “the Oauth 2 in action” book.

Security specialist, well in this book you will find actually some attack patters for Oauth 2 and considerations about identity providers.