It doesn’t have to be crazy at work

This book has very strong and expressive title.

I found this book by random case, it was listed on one blog’s of very experienced software developer (which I wasn’t able to find in my huge bookmarks list to mention here as reference) ;).

Who is book author’s ?
Jason Fried and Davin Heinemeier Hansson both are founder of very interesting company Basecamp .

So what is all about of this book?

First of all it provides very interesting outlook into the modern day of the IT based projects and the “experience” of day to day work in very liberal working community.

I love the idea, that someone as CEO don’t put own employees into continuous overtime mode of working.
This book clearly explain why should somebody think and act upon the ideas of efficient work, which doesn’t require to put extra time into the work which you are doing.

Even more idea about that in some project’s, at some point people should be able to say “No” to the pretty complex and unnecessary business logic or process. It actually amazing that Basecamp company at some point decided to reject bank checks, just because it was pretty complex to manage as business process.

The authors of this book saying that grow should be a natural process, it doesn’t matter if you get more millions and later suffer the consequences of the fast grow (communication problems in the organization, political fights over budget and respect in the company).
They are definitely against typical hire and fire strategy, which you can see in many startups and companies.
I was pretty amazed by this book that such company can exist and have good profitability and it looks like it does.

As independent consultant I think such companies should take over many markets, because they really agile and able to do the right morale thing and don’t sacrifice own core value and able to sustain as a company in very competitive market.

One important observation was about how the founders of Basecamp think about education, they literally don’t care about the candidates education and they value only actual knowledge and experience, which you as candidate show them through various performance examples.

Summary: It’s pretty strange to know that Basecamp is a company for people and run by people, they do they business hones and know how to adjust to the market demand and what kind of ideas are profitable and what you as company should really value and it answer how to stay efficient even if the outside forces are against you.

Buy the book , you would love it!