The Author of this book start and continuously asking questions to reader, so it involves reader in thinking!
First impression it’s like to be coached by very experience game developer/designer.

The author of this book goes through different ideas of putting time and effort of making one indie game and what probable challenges and what you can avoid, risk mitigation.

In this book you will find small introduction into scrum and discussion of how startups which develop game/s make decision during game development.

The author describe very important decision making process when a startup need to grow and that founders should be prepared or at least aware of possible problems of running small company.

Mr Ismail discuss in this book how his company hires people and importance of hiring good people, personally I think its quite good approach, but if company have already a toxicity, then  hiring a candidate with different qualities can potentially disrupt this company in a good way , such that toxicity goes away and better working condition will be established.

This brings another topic of this book how to manage teams which separated by region and time or just by company organization.
Author of this book discuss topics of in-game economics, like micro-transactions, selling ingame goods via real money and etc.

Another important observation the author of this books discuss how to properly structure your finances, that wouldn’t bring you into financial bad situation and discuss topic of how to present own game to possible inventors.

In the last chapters Mr Ismail discuss of crowd funding campaigns, which may help to publish the game.

Summary: This book is quite good in helping for starting own small indie game studio with a few developers, but I cant recommend it to people who already working in game industry , why? Well it’s not about the process “how to make a game” , it’s all about how to structure your workflow , so that you would able to make a game.

Whom I recommend this book ? People who are new in game industry, people who are already plan to invest into a startup (game dev) , there you will find a lot of information. Me, I liked those questions I can use them in my consulting work.

Still this book not bad and was quite an interesting experience.