Exploratory software testing

Exploratory software testing

This book raise interesting topic of exploratory testing technique.
Even manual testing was mentioned and with all my respect to Mr. Whittaker, well it’s not my favorite approach.

The book describe properties of corner cases of testing procedures.

Author even mentions importance of communication with developers, but the weight in this book put into manual testing, which I don’t like.
In this book you will find discussion about localization testing, but only briefly.

Well my impression there not so much structure for quality testing in this book.

It feels like side notes during day-to-day testing work, more a “notebook” then a teaching book.
Testing software with actual users is a challenge, but I agree without testers with domain knowledge a failure of quality in software project is imminent.

Last chapters of this book just a filler
, author says that this is the way how to preserve his “precious” blogs.
I find it strange and not smart, if you need backup you store information on different storage devices and that’s it.
Summary: This is average book in my opinion, things are unnecessary bloated and some topics cared to shortly to make any sense from it.

Of course there were good parts , about how Microsoft test theirs software, still I wished that such book was more on hands on  attitude mood.
I cant recommend this book , still if you manager and really need light reading about software testing maybe it would make sense to you.