Deploying to OpenShift

Now we coming to most hyped technology and lets what is all about!

“OpenShift implements a polyglot platform for the deployment of web applications and services.”

Looks very promising!

Red Hat even provides online tutorials check this out!

Author describe the current cloud models and platform upon which they run, it is ok .

Then there is description how to setup small openshift  container system.
This references a lot of online Red Hat tutorial which are freely available, so in that respect I can mention them too

I have impression , that’s this book a case of some sort Red Hat marketing campaign, which is not bad, all examples are easy to setup and easy to follow.

Docker was presented in this book too, good example.

Have a lot of cool tutorials.

This book, is short , but have enough information to get started with open shift.

Can I can recommend this book? 

Well this book good introduction , but if you need something more deep look elsewhere.
This is definitely is not must have, you can actually skip and just use Red Hat tutorials.

Summary: I wished that , this book would be less dependent on Red Hat, but OpenShift is Red Hat technology and its ok from time to time to promote yourself. The content of this book is not up to my standards and its feels like really try to rush some promotional material.
Definitely this book is not must buy!