Complete Guide to Test Automation

Complete guide to test automation

Arnon Axelrod is not known to me, but i found the title of the book is really interesting and intriguing.

The book begins with description of organizational challenges and then continues with discussing topic of the tools, and how to select them.

Author mention a list of tools for different type of testing.There whole chapter about testing procedures and how to execute them.

This  book describes the mindset of automating of tests. Ah end to end tests, not sure that its useful information, because normally having end to end tests breaks like a lot in production.You will find even practical examples for writing end to end tests.I love how author describes the mindset of writing tests and creating the software architecture.
Mr. Axelrod explains the difference of test runners in production and on the dev machine.
Then this book consist whole chapter how to organize developers workflow for the automation.
Then there some topics about TDD and ATDD and BDD, well it was enlighten, but I personally prefer TDD.
Author even mentioning term of greenfield projects, why normally nobody will experience such projects, because most times developers and testers working with legacy code, which hard to test and to expand through new features.
Summary: not bad book, but I feel the weight of the theory and practical knowledge not balanced.
Whom I can recommend this book? Definitely developers and qa engineers. 

Overall not bad book , but its not a must to have book.